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Default Advice on dual marriage?

Hi. I am poly and in 2 very committed relationships.

I am legally & happily married to one partner.

I am engaged to my other partner.

I know that you cannot be legally married to 2 people cause that's called "bigamy(?)" but we need some direction.

I need to know if what we want to do is considered illegal.
We would like to have a non-traditional ceremony with a few traditional aspects (wedding dress, tux, etc) even though our "marriage" cannot be legal we still want to go through the motions.

Also I wanted to know if there is anyone out there who has done this. How did you do it?

We both agree that using traditional vows really doesnt fit the situation so we want to do something non-traditional. I looked into handfasting but the history behind it seems too flaky and primarily based on "trial" marriage and betrothal. We are already engaged and we have no need for a "trial." I've already tried him on, I love him and he loves me so we're good, lol.

I just want my wedding day with my fiance.

So please, if you have any experience with this lmk i am in need of much advice on how to go about this wedding, what type of wedding to have, and how to go about transitioning into Polyandry.


As a side note, my fiance and I want to have a child together. Does anyone have any advice on that end?
Bi & Poly. . .is there anything better? Lol
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