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Default Re: Some clarity on Question 7

Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
I have a question about Question #7. Which gender dynamics are you asking about? Are you asking from a purely money management stand-point? And, comparing to "those" in mono relationships- I'm not sure that's answerable. Mono relationships can run the gamut in gender dynamics as well, in a M/F couple or a same-sex couple. I could answer your question that yes, my gender dynamics with MC and TGIB are the same as if I were in a mono relationship with each of them, but I couldn't tell you how those gender dynamics would compare to other mono couples.

I can work on answering the other questions, but I need some guidance for #7, thanks!

Traditional roles are becoming less traditional every year I.e. women are rapidly becoming the primary breadwinner and paying for meals and such.
With that said

In the sense of traditional roles as they've been historically viewed, do you find that there are particular differences or do you seem to follow traditional roles as viewed by society. For example do you adhere to traditional gender roles where the man is considered "head of the house hold"?
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