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Even if no helpful solutions were found it sounds like this may have been a catalyst to a needed conversation.

I agree going to extreme measures to hide them might have the reverse effect. However when I suggested it I was thinking of it as a mutually agreed upon solution. If he saw you wearing a night gown he'd know there was some bruising or marks ....similar to the verbal warning ...and it might take away that in your face type thing. However not knowing the size, depth, and body part the bruising is on ... could make a world of difference to him. I know the feminists will say it's your body and you can do with it what you want ....but he may love looking, admiring, touching those body parts and to see it that way (no matter how much you enjoyed getting them ) would be like someone spraying graffiti on the Sistine Chapel. And then's there's the possible turn off of kissing, feeling up, and or being intimate with an accident victim....( just the possible image in his head).
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