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Default Dubious on "douchebags"

I saw a strange comment on an OkC profile today:
"If you're a douchebag (TapOut/Affliction t-shirt wearing, TOMS shoe sporting, photos with celebrities or your "gang"/drunk chicks taking , Hugo Boss cologne smelling, "Fifty Shades Of Grey" reading, dumb but cocky bro, etc etc) you should for sure give me a shout out so I can slap that sardonic smile off your face!"
I'm not familiar with these brands, but TOMS shoes is curious choice because they donate new shoes to children in need. It got me wondering... what is it about these particular t-shirts, shoes, photos, and cologne that makes them douche-like? I asked the author of the profile, honestly interested in understanding her perspective, but she didn't care to elaborate. Therefore, at the risk of inadvertently opening up a can of worms, I ask my friends here: does anyone here understand this sentiment, and if so, what does it mean?

For example, is there something specifically controversial about these companies, such as being anti-LGBT, exploiting child labor, or deforesting jungles? Or perhaps people that wear these kind of clothes fall into a genre / stereotype, such as gym enthusiast, boxer, biker, christian, humanitarian, etc., that's seen by some people as being "statistically douchy"? (Is that even a scientific term?) Or is this just a baffling comment, which given 7 billion people in the world, one has to expect a percentage of random noise?

Your insights are greatly appreciated.
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