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Totally off topic...but I read the header to this thread as

Portable bad ideas

and my first thought was Justin Bieber on a '70s-style boom box.

Outsider, there are inflatable beds that have these inflation/deflation control dials built in which you can use to harden or soften the mattress...which comes in very handy IME during various play activities. In fact they can be built into the play session; it can be a difference in surface resistance can enhance many sensations/movement options.

The really sturdy/herky ones will cost a bit...but in my experience with one or more partners, they hold up so to speak.

Boyd Specialty Sleep makes a portable bed frame:

Not sure how easily deployable that is, and you'd still need a mattress/squishy thing.

The only other option I can think of is a Murphy bed. For example:

I'd be inclined to build it myself.

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