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Originally Posted by PhilosophicallyLost View Post
And Y has mentioned that he doesn't like giving out compliments because it seems frivolous to him and somehow insincere.
This is what my husband said too. Like you I started to think my desires were silly and I should be happy, but the thing is, you not only deserve to be loved, but you also deserve to feel loved. The Love Languages book somehow got through to my husband that I would not feel loved by him, no matter how much he believed he loves me, if he didn't at least make an effort in trying to tell me in the ways that I needed to be told. It also made me realize that my need was valid, and to understand why I felt so drawn to the men who were communicating their feelings towards me in ways that I understood. The book also relates several true stories of couples who fell apart or nearly fell apart because they didn't make the effort to respond to their partner's needs, and that gives a very strong message (Wake up! Your marriage is at stake!). Most of the stories end happily when one or both partners starts putting the effort in, even if a husband has to literally add "compliment my wife" to his daily chore list until it becomes a habit. But oh, what a difference it makes! Please get the book asap!
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