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Originally Posted by SNeacail View Post
What about:
at LEAST 2 days with Mya
at LEAST 3-4 days with Alec
and the remaining time will be spent as the situation and mood demands. Give yourself a little bit more flexibility.
I can see where you're coming from but I think we've already agreed on flexibility. The only thing that wouldn't change often is that me and rory get those 2 nights every week. Those are the routine nights but obviously there can be weeks we'd have more, it all depends on the situation. But the thing is that in the long run rory and Alec's relationship needs more nights together than 3 a week. I would think 4 would be okay on some weeks but 5 is probably best for them. And like rory mentioned, we can well see each other as many times a week as we like, even every day if we want to (if we get to live as close to each other as we wish). It was the nights that we were talking about, the sleep-next-to-each-other-time. That's important to rory and Alec. I wouldn't want to see their relationship not getting what it needs to flourish when ours can do well with the aforementioned 2 nights a week.

Then to another topic. The party I mentioned earlier went really well! We had a blast. JJ and Bob got along well, there was absolutely no weirdness around anything. Also, the female friend JJ had sex with - you know the case - she was there too. I have no issue with her, it was JJ who broke our agreement about the safe sex and she is, and always has been, very nice to me. So that went great too, I talked to her a lot. We're also going to her bithday party next month. So yeah, the party was a success.
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