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Thank you all for you input. My husband and I are talking more. I am only talking to my friend during this time, not seeing him.

I don't feel that the NRE has left my primary relationship. We still will have spontaneous date nights, we cook dinner together all the time. The sex is awesome and we still do it like teenagers (sneaking around, public places etc.) just for the fun of it. We will spend nights awake just talking about random things. Everyday we compliment each other. But we also have our personal alone time from each other, which we feel is important as well. Honestly our relationship is almost exactly like when we first started dating, with the exception of knowing each others likes/ticks.

I've asked him to go through the MoreThanTwo website and pick things that he feels are important for us to discuss. We're talking it over tonight. After reading it myself I can understand more about his standpoint, so hopefully he can get a little more perspective on mine as well.
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