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Originally Posted by AnotherConfused View Post
it's just that I know he's thinking every little thing about me is so great just because it's me. For example, he said my breasts were the perfect shape and size. I said if they were bigger or smaller he'd think that was perfect instead. He admitted it was true.
I actually am very similar to your guy here in this respect, and it totally has nothing to do with NRE for me. I don't have very many bodily preferences in the first place, but when I love somebody whatever they look like becomes to totally hot/beautiful to me because of that. That also works to the other direction; I find a person I don't like extremely unattractive no matter how hot they are (or were before I found out what they are like).

I actually find it a shame that so many people spend time "hiding their flaws". Flaws are usually whatever makes them look even more personal, and I especially adore those things in people I love.
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