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Default My sister's wedding

And the wedding was finally over … I remember my own one quite well and I was so overwhelmed by the huge amount of stress this one had in stall for me. When I married Sward things were light and smooth and I just had to care for myself. This time I needed to organize everything, look out for everything to be done in time, including the hair and makeup of my sister and I. As I used too much time on her, I barely made it in time to get dressed and ready myself But she looked spectacular

I will skip the details, she wanted a romantic, still classy, but breath-taking hairstyle, therefore I made some little white roses and altered the function of a big one into a sweet little hat (with a small veil attached to it) and combined those little accessories in a curly, half pinned-up hair style. Our little fledgling looked just great. *sigh* After that was done, I hardly had time to finish myself, but we somehow made it (pictures are attached as promised).

The eve of the wedding party on Saturday and the bachelor/bachelorette party on Friday went great. The groom was put into a bumblebee dress and my sister was made to wear a sexy bee outfit and we went out clubbing and ramble about the city a bit. At the eve of the wedding party I finally got some time after I pulled pints of beer for half the evening, to celebrate as well and I totally wasted myself and had a great time.

We had a friend over, whom we hadn't seen for three years (the one who hosted the Eve of the Year party where Lin and I met for the first time). We told him about our three person constellation and he wasn't surprised at all, has had some experiences in the poly department himself as well and just wanted to know if things developed ethically in the beginning, as he was belatedly worried if we had misused the first meeting to get things started without Sward being in the picture. From his point of view, Lin and I have always been couple-like in our behavior.

So much for the things that went well. Not so well, was the morning after the party, as my mother was having a general 'I am not satisfied with the whole of the situation' mood, as she wasn't able to help cleaning up or do anything in general and we weren't doing enough and disrespecting the familiar bond that should have woken us up at 6 in the morning, making us run clean the garden and whatnot. She was obviously stressed out, but the others were as well and an argument ensued.

The one to be a bit too stressed yesterday was Sward. He was assigned to the task of the photographer and was performing this job really seriously. I had to fight to get one or two pictures with him next to me

The thing to finally got on my nerves was the seating situation when we went to dinner. Just the family and Lin (he was invited as the only close friend). And who seated herself right in front of me and Sward and my parents? The wife of the brother of my brother in law (how complicated ... how come that you don't have a word for that person ). I mean, all of her family followed the rule and sat down on the side of the husband, why on earth did she place herself right in front of me? I was so pissed because that was the place I wanted Lin to take. Because of this, he had to sit down at the far end of the table on the other side of the room. Oh boy, my mood went down big time. To top things of she is one of those people who just have to be the center of attention, handling her two year old girl in a way that everyone just had to listen to every movement she made, stressing how drunk she already got from two or three glass of wine and letting the little brat do as she pleases, throwing food, ruining the decoration, spilling drinks. Just unbelievable.

Normally, I would just have asked her to change seats with Lin, but there wasn't a real reason to do so, therefore I didn't wanted some raised brows because of my seemingly unreasonable request. But as some things just happen, I put up with this and commented (accompanied by my mother) on some of her educational methods in a not so nice tone, which she didn't get in the slightest. Well, the rest of the evening went great and the food was good.

That should be enough for now, here the promised picture (Sward is looking a bit grim there, but that was something unrelated, as I said, I was glad that we got to make one picture together, as he was so busy):
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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