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nycindie, I haven't got time to reply to your post in detail as it's
early here, and I have to go to work. I hope to get the time later

What I do want to say is that I have no problems with Aurelie
whatsoever, the opposite is true and if you read the post you will
realise what I have said is quoting Aurelie herself. Going by her posts,
I think that she is a lovely girl.

As I said in my last post............I like both Aurelie and her bf very
much, and have nothing but respect and admiration for the way she is
trying to make things right for the the two men and one little man in
her life. She is asking for advice and that's good, but as I said, she
seems to be doing all the right things at the moment, so why you say that I think she doesn't know what shes doing I dont know. I think she is doing great, much better than I did.

Her thread has caught my eye because her circumstances are very similar
in lots of ways to my own from a few years back. I'm touched by her
posts, I do not usually participate in forums, but because of the above,
I have decided to post in hers. I have my fingers and toes crossed for
her. I'm hoping my advice can help her avoid the same mistakes that I

In one of your own posts you suggested that her bf may get a kick out of
cuckolding as a fetish, it seems you may have been right. I may be wrong?

Again, I like her, and what she has to say a great deal.
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