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I second the arnica and the vitamin C. I have a genetic condition that makes me bruise easily (and everywhere). The vitamin C is often recommended against bruising. I don't take an extremely high dose, but I aim to take it with every meal, and I have 500mg caps.

I have a wonder goo from an aromatherapist, they call it Miracle Balm. She picks the herbs and infuses them into the oil herself. I use it mostly for the arnica, even though it has many useful ingredients. If you have a local herbalist, or herb farm, or massage therapists, or really, any alternative health practitioners, they could probably refer you to someone doing something similar.

I also take a Standard Process supplement called Circuplex. It was recommended to me by a chiropractor. It's supposed to strengthen blood vessel walls. I always know when I'm forgetting it (or out of it) because my hands blow up (I have burst a blood vessel in my pinky from tying my shoe!). Good stuff.
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