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Default hello people...

Hello everyone, I am a 27 year old male that lives in Las Vegas, NV. I stumbled upon this forum searching for a place online to meet another woman whom shares the same views as my wife and myself.

I have been married about six years and always brought up "threesomes" in a detached form as to not upset my wife. I guess I felt if she thinks I want to meet a third I can fall in love with and share my life with along with my wife would upset her. I never meant to hurt her with that so I screwed up and always lied about it. Over the years the idea has become more and more prominent in my mind. I love her but I want to be able to love and care about another woman; also be cared for and loved by someone else. Recently I finally came out and told her. Knowing we have a great daughter together I decided my happiness was worth the risk; after all, life is short. I took the time to explain to her how I somewhat feel incomplete in my heart as I feel a third will add that balance (kind of weird since growing up I had an issue with odd numbers LOL). Thankfully my wife understands and also feels adding a third to our relationship would actually be a very enjoyable situation.

So now I am on this forum. I am open to meeting like minded people and possibly meeting a great future addition to our family. But I mainly joined to have somewhere to discuss these thoughts and feelings openly :-)
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