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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I think the idea of a mono world and a poly world is a bit misplaced. Mono people and poly people live in the same world. I also don't see a huge difference in the language.

Can you give me some examples where the differences in language fall along a mono/poly divide?'s some of the usual:


These are key words that are emotionally/mainstream defined by many monogamous people. They are also emotionally/literally defined by many poly people.

Even though the same words are used, they are internally defined very differently. It would be great if we could see passed our internal definitions and stick to the dictionary definitions but that is extremely hard at times.

Great direction to take this Ceoli! I hope others join in but we focus on how to bridge the gaps instead of spinning our heals trying to define words yet again. Let's look for solutions instead of problems!

Thanks're insightful challenges promote growth and constructive developments of our ideas. I've learned a lot from you

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