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Geez, Brid, talk about putting your own spin on things! There is a huge gap between polyamory and cuckolding. It's not a fine line. It's so weird the way you make that pronouncement that she's "a woman who needs another man for sex" and that her bf is unsatisfactory. That is NOT what Aurelie has said at all. She is not unsatisfied with the sex she has with her bf, and isn't cuckolding him simply because he's talking with her about some aspect of her love life with the other man being a turn-on.

She did not say her bf has a small dick. She said he has an average one. It's just that her lover is huge in comparison. She did not say that he had ED issues, just that he doesn't last as long as her lover does. She did not say her bf is unskilled or lousy in bed. She says he is imaginative, gentle, and tender. She has never had any problems with the way her bf makes love; it's just that she has a wide range of things she likes and her lover was more inclined to give her the more aggressive, rough stuff. She isn't with her lover because of anything inadequate about her bf and has said she would end it with her lover in a heart beat if her bf wanted that.

I don't even know why you feel it necessary to post and admonish her to be respectful of her bf. She IS being respectful. Every time she posts about coming to some sort of resolved, comfortable place where they are all talking and moving forward you stir up the pot and hammer her with crap like telling her to go easy on cuckolding -- when it is you who is saying she is doing that, not her! -- and in a way that makes it sound like you think she doesn't know what she's doing. Aurelie has come back and shared and it is obvious she is compassionate , considerate, and caring in her relationships, and strives to communicate well with both her men. Are you sure you are not projecting some of your own shit onto her? You have only posted to this thread and no others - what is your problem with Aurelie?
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