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However, the fact remains that she needs her lover to satisfy her sexual needs. In her own words, she has told us that her bf cannot, and will never be able to satisfy her like her lover can. I assume that this is because of her bfs sexual problems and her lovers superior size and staying power, combined with his dominant personaility?* She has also told us that she likes to be tied up and given anal sex when she is with her lover and that her bf waits at home to give her a cuddle when she gets back.... That to me is a cuckold. Once again Aurelie, there is nothing wrong with it, in fact I think it is so sweet, and shows how strong your relationship with your bf is.

I have learnt the hard way that being honest and respectful to your partner is the most important thing in a relationship, not being so, nearly cost me my marriage. You on the other hand
have been honest, and up front with your bf from the beginning. This says a lot about you, it does you credit. I advised you to be honest with your bf about how he compares with your lover sexually, you have been, and I'm glad that he has responded well. He wanted to know, and now he does. You have told him that your lover is superior in bed, he can now except it, and come to terms with it. From your recent posts it sounds like it turns him on, this falls in line with him being a cuckold, and it should be great for your relationship. It IS a good thing.

You say your bf is special, by your posts, he sure sounds like it. Make sure you tell him, make sure he knows you feel this way. DO NOT be disrespectful to him and your son again by going on a weekend break with your lover when he asked you not to. It's not right. It hurts his pride!

You say you love your bf more, but you also love your lover, and your lover loves you. Maybe he does? Do you
think that he loves you anywhere near as much as your bf though. Who takes care of you? I bet your bf spoils you and your boy? You live with him, and he loves your SON and wants to be his father. Do you think your lover would do all that? You once wanted your lover to yourself, and he turned you down, dont forget that. I truly hope you are being truthful when you say that you would never leave your bf if your lover ever changed his mind? If you are not, then end your relationship with your bf now, he deserves your love far more than your lover does. Your lover may be the superior man in bed, but he sure sounds like the inferior man in every other way.

I'm touched by your posts because your situation mirrors my own in a few ways, all be it from a few years back. It's great that you ask for advice, but you seem to be doing the right thing so far, I hope you keep it up. Going by your posts...........I like you, and your boyfriend a lot, not so much
your lover. Take it easy with the cuckold thing. If he likes being teased about the size of his dick then great, as you said though, baby steps at first, see how comfortable he is with being cuckolded, and then take it as far as you can, always make it sexy for him. The more he is turned on by the thought of you having sex with another man who is better in bed then him, the better the chance that you can keep your relationship with your lover.
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