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I am NOT surprised. When it comes to a relationship where the woman is seeing another man for sex, and her own bf/husband is mono, it is a fine line between Poly and cuckolding!

I have said from the start that in Aurelies and her boyfriends case.........she is cuckolding him, and as I said before, there is nothing wrong with it, from her perspective or the boyfriends. I know Aurelie does not like the C word, but there is really no reason to have a problem with it.

Aurelie told us at the start that she is a very sexual person who needs sex everyday, she got together with her bf, a man that has a small penis and suffers from premature ejaculation. That is not a good start to a relationship for a woman who loves to have sex. Is it????????? She says that when they first started being intimate her bf would have bad whoops moments. I take that to mean that he would ejaculate very quickly, and that he would be very embarrassed. What did she do? She hugged him and reassurred him, told him it was o.k. She has taught him how to turn her on and he has responded and made the effort to please her. To me, it sounds like they have made the very best of a bad situation and it's great that they can manage, and to a certain extent overcome his sexual
shortcomings, and share a very loving sexual relationship. As I've said before, it's clear from her posts how much she loves her bf.
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