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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Oh, you are so funny! "Find something wrong with me! Find it!" You reminded me of the play Italian American Reconciliation by J. Patrick Shanley. One of the main characters is a woman who can't stand how much her husband is so nice to her, puts her on a pedestal and idolizes her, she goes out of her way for him to see she's just a normal human being - she locks him out of the bedroom, poisons him, and finally shoots his dog!
Ok, I would not go that far! It's not that I want him to find something wrong with me, it's just that I know he's thinking every little thing about me is so great just because it's me. For example, he said my breasts were the perfect shape and size. I said if they were bigger or smaller he'd think that was perfect instead. He admitted it was true. I treasure the compliments that are really about me -he said really sweet things about my dancing style this weekend, for example -but the stuff about my eyelashes seems so obviously love-giddy it doesn't have much meaning. He tagged along on a grocery run this morning and thought it was endearing that I had a menu plan and a list. Really?

But I love being adored, I do admit. And he has the most unique and beautiful eyes, and listens to me like no one else I know, and I love him.
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