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Male, 29, heterosexual

1. Who is all inclusive of your polyamorous group?
At this point Myself (obviously), My wife, two girls referred to as J/1 and J/2

2. How many partners do you have that you live with?
One, my wife.

3. How long have you been together?
Me and the wife have been together about 10 years at this point, J/1 we were involved with for about 5 months last year and have just recently starting getting involved with again about a month ago, J/2 we've know for about 3 years and have gotten involved with about 2 or 3 months ago.

4. Did you start out in a monogamous relationship and then change to Polyamorous relationship? Why?
We did start as mono, but that was more because we were not aware there was really an alternative (aside from occasional 3somes), eventually due to various circumstances and person growth (my wife coming to terms with her bisexuality and eventually needing to act on it as well as a few other things) we started getting involved with other people, usually in triads.
Frankly by comparison, monogamy felt like there was something missing for the both of us.

5. Who has the most decision-making power and why is that specific person in the group given that power?
decision making power in which context?

6. Do you share bank accounts?

7. What are the gender dynamics of your relationship i.e. do you stick to the same gender roles as do those in monogamous relationships?
This question is unclear, I act like the stereotypical male in context, however I am a male, the girls, all act like girl, seeing as how they are all girls.

8. How does money affect your choice in who is going to be accepted in the group?
Honestly, Me and the wife will not enter into a relationship with someone who does not have the means to support themselves, this is because we have been used in a few situations , and have ended up having to support a common partner.

9. When you go out how do you determine if you take everyone or just one person? How does that determine the budget of the evening?
As an old school "chauvinist", I strongly prefer to pay, sometimes I get outvoted on the issue however. Who is getting taken out so to speak purely depends on who shows up and who makes plans. If I'm not around, The girls tend to split things unless one is low on cash, then its whoever feels like paying.

10. Other than sharing bank accounts or budgeting how do you guys handle the money issues in your relationship?
Not applicable.

11. Do you talk about money issues in the relationship?
Me and the wife yes, with the others, no. Its not their business or our business unless we're living under the same roof.

12. How satisfied/happy are you with regards to the current money situation in your relationship? If you are not happy, how would you change it?
Well, We're comfortable, We could make more money I supposed.
At least thats the plan.
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