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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Umm... are you thinking of polyamory as a type of kink? Coming here because you are "tired of the vanilla sites" makes it seem that way.

You are certainly welcome here - there are plenty of members who share your predeliction for BDSM. There are also plenty of us who are quite vanilla! But that doesn't mean we're all narrow-minded about that stuff.

This isn't a forum just for kinksters, but for people interested in discussing polyamory -- who could be either kinky or vanilla. I hope you realize that polyamory is not specifically a form of kink, but a structure for relationships whether kinky or not.

Just wanted to make sure you knew what kind of forum this actually is.

There is a long discussion about BDSM here, if you want to join in:

I do NOT think of poly as being a kink ! LOL Its just that most people on places like AFF or POF (vanilla sites) do not have an understanding of anything kinky. I find that poly people have at least SOME understanding of the lifestyle . Poly persons are more open minded
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