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Hi WhitePhoenix,
Welcome to our forum.

It's a mixed vanilla/kink batch here, but you should be able to find some good company for your interests. Anyone who is polyamorous should be at least sympathetic towards the kink community, and I feel confident in saying we have a lot of BDSMers here.

There's a "Search" menu at the top of this page; you can probably (click on "Search" and) enter "kink" or "BDSM" there (in the resulting mini-window), and find a lot of relevant threads. Oh and at the bottom of this page (right hand side) is a "Forum Jump" menu; you can use that to go to the "Dating & Friendships" area. Then you can see what's out there that might specifically be a match for you.

Any other ways we can be of help? Please do ask any questions, share thoughts, express concerns, whatever you desire that would be of help. I hope you will feel at home here.

Kevin T.
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