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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I heard on Polyamory weekly about a HSV group that had conventions, parties, and education events as well as support. I thought this was awesome. Going to look into something like that.
Sweet, when in doubt, use LATEX! And educate folks about the issue. Take it as a gift. You can become the Neighbourhood Goddess of HPV Awareness!

I'm infected, Vanilla's infected, we've both had abnormalities that have since disappeared. I'm told approx. 80% of the population round these parts has it. So yeah, social networking might get you laid MORE OFTEN! Talk about a silver-lining.

If you have a freak-outing new partner, I would use gloves, dams and condoms with a relish and avoid touching mouth, hand, anus or genitals with any of the previously mentioned parts of the partner without a barrier or a really good wash. Note that vigourous brushing is not a good idea. And maintain strict separation of gloved vs. bare hand, reserving bare hand only for yourself, for example, and use the gloved hand only on your partner. Looking up tips on having safer anal sex should apply in most cases.
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