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Friday became our go to town day. We got our usual chores done. Lover took me out to eat at a nice all you can eat mexican restaurant. We listened to a ball game, on the radio, and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. When the rest of the family got to his place we made dinner for everyone. I asked if I could stay the night. It seemed like his cold was almost gone. Lover thought it was over and he was all okay. To our surprise it came back to haunt him all night long. Things weren't working well and he was super bummed and worried that I might get upset. I stayed up with him through his coughing fits, and cuddled when he could lay down. We didn't get any solid sleep until later in the morning. Just a nap between 9-11. I could tell he felt really bad about the whole thing. I hugged him as he apologized for the thousandth time. I told him that he needed the company and support. He looked at me and said that I was all the company he wanted, not any other girl. I guess that is his first I love you. It still makes my heart melt.
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