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1) Polyamory: The ability to openly love more than one person in such a way as to validate your existing loving relationships. (ie - honest and with dignity)

2) I'm a hard working step mom and wife who enjoys many activities. I tend to gravitate to men as friends (with or without benefits) as it's less drama. I love hard and loyal and expect the same of those I let in my inner circle.

3) Currently, I have only my husband. I've yet to find a man that I wish to share that side with, as the ones I found are cheating, not in an "open" relationship. While I never judge another person, I will not allow myself to be the other woman. That would cause me too much grief and stress. When I find someone that can honestly be with me and the spark is there, who knows. In the past, I have had multiple partners at once, but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

4) My ideal configuration would be to find a like minded couple that both my husband and I could do things with both inside and outside the bedroom. I believe that might be a pipe dream though, so am open to whatever comes our way.

5) While I tend to hate to hide any aspect of my life; there are reasons my husband and I choose to be secretive about our lifestyle and it all revolves around our families. His youngest is 16 and still lives here, his daughter is 20 and spends a lot of time with us. Both of our families are religious (his is Catholic, mine is Baptist) and frankly I'm tired of being told how I live my life incorrectly. =)

6) In my book, Love is Love and is never wrong. As long as all parties involved are there by their design/desire and participate willingly. Your way may not work for me, my way may never work for you; but we can insist that each is free to love in the way they do it best.

7) The best thing about being poly? The ability to be honest to the one(s) who matter most. The worst? When someone finds out you are poly, they automatically assume that means you want them. Now. Or at least some do.

8) Could you ever see yourself being happily monogamous? I've been happy being momogamous and I could be again.

9) Would you recommend poly to others who may not have considered it? How about to your kids if you have any now or ever end up having any? This goes back to each person's individual needs and wants. I can happily support anyone in their decision in life, including my "children". As long as it's an honest choice that makes them happy.

10) For me, this isn't a lifestyle. it's who I am. I tend to be high strung and high maintenance and prefer having many individuals in my life; romantic or just friends.
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