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thankyou for link, its one i already have in my favs its a very useful resource for all things poly

So tonight is first night i know he is sharing a room with her,

i will say honestly, that i am feeling insecure i am having moments of panic and fear but i feel like thats ok. Choosing to be poly does not make me imune to insecurity or jelousy and i am not ashamed of myself for feeling like this i don't like these feelings but they are there for a reason I am hopeful that in the long run I will learn from them and hopefully my relationship with R will grow.

I am also not giving in to the temptation to text or phone him to ask for reasurance because i want him to be free to enjoy himself without having to worry that i am unhappy. He was very considerate before he left to do everything he could possibily have done to make me feel secure and so i think that he deserves to be able to relax. So i have been careful not to type out lots of texts etc...

i am glad i have a place to talk about this with people who understand
a lot of my friends who have no experience of poly will just advise me that clearly polyamoury is wrong because it must be if i get a bit insecure or jelous,


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