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Originally Posted by Octovus View Post
After all, I work 40 hours and have some volunteer interests. The hinge works fairly opposite evening/weekend hours. Overlapping free time is already limited.
I couldn't deal with that. If I could take a job, I probably wouldn't take one that required me to work opposite hours to CdM, and not just because he has a 9-to-5. He doesn't live with me, as it happens, and I still only see him once a week for overnights, so if I took an evenings-and-weekends job, we would be royally screwed. And that's just the two of us. Imagine trying to fit my metamour's hours (the same as CdM's) into the mix, plus if I found another partner... oh, headaches everywhere.

Yet, as a couple before poly, we surely talked often about years, decades, thinking we might grow old together. It was easy to hold that vision in my head. Not cling to it, but just as a nice reminder of what things could be in a while. I have a harder time picturing this with poly. Perhaps it's still the same picture, with even more loving folks added in here and there to bring more joy and love along :-)
I think you could easily keep envisioning years and decades. I always have, sometimes to the point of angst, but not because we're poly. More because we've got an age difference.
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