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Default Wiring

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Honestly, I don't think it has much to do with a "mono mind" reading it versus a "poly mind". I think it just has to do with whether people like to swallow that kind of writing or not. .
I think it has everything to do with wiring. Of course mono minds don't want to swallow open ideas....that is undeniable....we're mono wired...we don't want to open up because we have no need to. "We - don't - want - to". I admit it; it has no appeal to me, no greater sense of learning or mind expanding qualities, no more evolved concept. I don't see it as a world sweeping movement or the next stage of evolution in social dynamics. I merely see it as something that some people want and are capable of.
I see nothing wrong with it. I see only people being themselves.

Some people want to open up thinking they are mono. The mere desire to open up indicates to me that they are mono conditioned and not mono wired.

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I also think there's not that much difference between a mono and poly mind.
I agree Ceoli..except in one area, but we both know that LOL!

I find it interesting that a mono person can accept the concept of poly wiring so easily but that so many poly people I know cannot accept mono wiring.

Arguing the point is moot because we can't actually feel what is in each other's minds.

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