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Lightbulb Polyamory and Shamanism

Greetings, guy here.

Most all Shamans can be considered "Polyamorous". Though they may have only one Physical partner, the shaman may have many spirit lovers. It's comparable to nuns when they say they're married to God, but not quite in the same way.
At times the Shamans may wrestle with some spirits and make love to others. It's all part of interacting with that plane of existence. Spirits can take the form of animals, people, or the personification of Mother Nature Herself.

The plant and animal spirits are generally the shaman's servants and helpers. Garlic and Tobacco kneel to our feet, the South American Ayahuasca Shaman may call upon the Jaguar or the Hornet during a ceremony for their innate spiritual healing properties.

Mama Ayahuasca, with her warm and nurturing embrace, encircles you with her arms, and quiets your restless consciousness. She is your mother, and you are her Baby. Though you are also ONE with her in a way that is not altogether "non-sexual", this does not make you feel uncomfortable, on the contrary,you have never felt quite so comforted.

Polyamory is a concept that has been practiced in various forms for Millenia. There's also the Native American Two-Spirit people. They typically were the Medicine men of the community, and often had same sex partners. They embodied the spirit of both the male and female in their dress and sometimes mannerisms. Two Spirits sometimes had heterosexual partnerships, but in either case, neither the Two Spirit, nor their partner were considered 'homosexual'. In fact Two-Spirits could take anyone but another two-spirit for their partner, as they consider other Two-Spirits to be like 'sisters' to them.
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