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Gosh, I hope not; that would be an awfully extreme action, unless there are some compelling reasons why you guys should break up. It sounds like some serious issues have come to the table, but without knowing any specifics about what those are, I can't come to any further conclusions.

Re (from Deerinthewoods):
"I do have a question -- How do you meet partners that are trustoworthy?"
I don't know, I suppose you get to know them pretty well on a platonic level before dating them. Also asking them a lot of questions (and not assuming anything, no matter how obvious it seems) is a good idea.

Re (from Deerinthewoods):
"In your experience is it easier for you to pick your partner's new lover, or do you have veto on potential new partners, or is it free for all? Interested in knowing ..."
Well I guess my V kind of has a veto policy. But we've never had to use it. We haven't even done any looking for "new people to date," in, like, years.

Anyway, I hope you and your wife can get some of your issues worked out.

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