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Hi everyone,

I'm very new to this forum and poly relationships. I've spent 15 years being envious of my friend's strong poly relationship. I ventured out a couple of years ago and dated a male/female couple however, they weren't as honest as they should have been.

My current situation is I am single as well as a single mother with a 9 year old boy (who is overprotected lol). I do not intend on having more children but am very open to meeting someone who already has children (or not). I'm a full-time freelance artist as well as a part time sex worker. I'm a 36 year old, tall, very large/fat and good looking bi-racial woman with interests that range from nail polish to quantum physics. I'm a confident woman with a genuine disposition. A Pisces who is a truth seeker, comedian, pervert, politically incorrect, pothead, and evolutionary with a killer conscious. I have lover boys and it's just that. Nothing deep or committed.

What I am searching for is a solid committed relationship with multiple men (3 if I could have my way) who can appreciate me for who I am, which is a lover. I'm attracted to all types of men, all ages. Most those who are genuine, young at heart, love music and are intellectuals. I want something real, deep and reliable. I am open to meeting men who are bi or straight and those who are understanding that I am weary of women due to bad experiences. I am bi, I'm not bi. Not really sure. I just haven't met a woman who has stirred inside of me what men do. Ultimately, I'd like to find a compatible male who is single and interested in building with me in finding other males to join our relationship. I'd prefer local but am open to long distance. .... but hey, I'm pretty open.

So with that said, please say hello! I'm in Portland, Oregon.

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