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Originally Posted by Octovus View Post
This is because the V feels awkward to me for a few reasons, reasons I have examined and reasons that I think are fairly deep and basic for me - not insecurities or jealousy, but real desires for what I want in a long-term relationship:
-Amount of time spent together
-Sexual connection on-going with one other person
-Long-term questions
-The empty bed :-)
Do these thoughts sound valid to you?
No suggestions, but lots of agreement and sympathy.
Your thoughts sound VERY valid to me.

For now I'm a committed arm to my hinge.
But I do seriously consider if it is viable for the long term as I become more and more "monogamish" - I was ever only actively poly when my partner did not meet my needs when he was present. My current partner meets more needs and fulfills me in more ways than I was ever were aware were lacking.. hence the desire for more of that with him - NOT healthy in a relationship with an actively poly partner. So long term I know I may have to give up what is so overwhelmingly wonderful to be able to pursue full time contentment, or at least something closer to it than my mainly empty bed, etc...
But again, for now I am committed and will share my love freely and accept what he *can* share with me.

~ About me - currently living Mono, Partner Sunshine who is Poly in a V with me and his wife who is Poly with multiple partners.
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