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Giving a try to what help helped me most when I was emotionally a wreck detaching my co-dependency from my abusive husband..


Written up and posted where I see them most.
Here's the list I've been working with for the past few days, and it is seeming to help. I'll check in later to let you know how it goes and if I have revised or added to the list of affirmations.

I WILL NOT be saddened by the lack of contact or presence of a man who cannot fulfill my emotional needs on a regular basis.

I WILL NOT mope when my desire for his contact, or my desire to touch or share with him is not met.

I WILL enjoy what he IS willing to share with me - emotionally, physically, time.

I WILL NOT let my concerns for the health of his marriage interfere with the pursuit of my happiness and mental health.

I WILL place the burden of informing me if my actions or desires are detrimental to them where they belong - on my partner and his spouse.

I WILL plan my activities around my "primary" - myself - even when that requires foregoing be available for some of the time he may be willing to share with me.

I WILL share my love for him freely and un-encumbered by misplaced guilt.

I CAN put myself first!

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