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Redpepper manages a private FB page for poly peeps, but it isn't officially affiliated with this site. You would have to look for the link in her signature and contact her.

But as far as navigating this forum, what is so hard? It is just like every other BBcode forum that has been out there for years. Go to the main page at and click on the links to the Forum that you want, each has a different topic area. If you just want to read the most recent posts across all forums, click on the New Posts link at the top.

The FAQs are more specific about how the Bulletin Board works. Maybe it would help if you read the "Reading and Posting Messages" section of that. There is a link at the top that will take you there, but here it is:

You should always read the Guidelines for any forum you join, so if you haven't yet, go here:
User Guidelines & Forum Features

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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:
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