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My first thought when I read your post is that maybe the best way to accommodate so many people is to inject a bit of flexibility into the schedule. It sounds like right now, you have all your "together times" with your partners predetermined and scheduled in advance. But how about mixing it up a bit once in a while?

For example, I assume you see your couple Friday thru Sunday, judging by the number of days you say you have left after being with them and each bf once a week. What if, every so often you had your Fridays or Sundays to yourself? Or go out with someone else on one of those nights? What if, every once in a while, you alternate a weekend and spend it with a different partner?

Same thing with the weeknights, move them around, play with the calendar, see what things are coming up that you want to do, and rearrange things. Maybe one week, you'll see your bf twice instead of once, and not see the other at all, and visa versa. Once a month or every other month, you could have a whole week to yourself without seeing anyone - reserved for bubble baths or fun stuff with friends. Hey, why not? I just see adding more flexibility as a way to balance things out.
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