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Keith and I went to our second poly meetup tonight. It was a lot more fun than the last one.

The normal coordinator was unable to make it, so there once again wasn't a real topic for discussion. I'm hoping this will change in the next month or two, and if it doesn't, I may start coming prepared with topics myself just to facilitate conversation to remain poly-centric since that is really we're all there. Not that I don't enjoy sitting around and randomly talking about what tv shows, games, and other random things we like, but hearing other people's perspectives on polyamory is a major motivation for me to remain part of this group.

There were about twice as many people, which was wonderful. I got the number of one woman that I chatted with pretty much the entire time. She's going to escort me to a burlesque show sometime in the near future since I have never been and she has a few friends that perform locally. Keith also got the contact information for a guy that I didn't get to talk to much, but he assures me I will get along with well (from what I could tell, he's right - the man was very friendly, laughed a lot, and seemed to have a lot of the same outdoorsy interests that Keith and I share). The woman is solo, casually dating a couple of men. The man is in a serious relationship with a woman who wasn't able to come because of the lack of childcare. So, we're finally making contacts! Yay!

This weekend should be fun as well... We are going to a cookout for young adults (18-35) hosted by a UU church group. A woman we met at the church we've been attending invited us along. Then the church is having an activities after the normal service so we will be having a book discussion as well as some other activities created to help everyone get to know one another and the goals of the congregation. I took a quiz that told me UU was the religion most likely to conform to my belief structure, and after a couple of months of exposing myself to it, I think that might be accurate.

Overall I am in a very good place tonight. Rainy season is almost over, I'm finally meeting people who seem to want to make new friends, AND I found out my parents may get to come visit in May. Now it is time for bed! Or more likely time to start a new book and then sleep with Keith during the day tomorrow. I really hate sleeping alone.
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