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Default Here are my research questions

Your right it is much easier to post them on here. The only demographics I ask for are your gender and age.

1. Who is all inclusive of your polyamorous group?

2. How many partners do you have that you live with?

3. How long have you been together?

4. Did you start out in a monogamous relationship and then change to Polyamorous relationship? Why?

5. Who has the most decision-making power and why is that specific person in the group given that power?

6. Do you share bank accounts?

7. What are the gender dynamics of your relationship i.e. do you stick to the same gender roles as do those in monogamous relationships?

8. How does money affect your choice in who is going to be accepted in the group?

9. When you go out how do you determine if you take everyone or just one person? How does that determine the budget of the evening?

10. Other than sharing bank accounts or budgeting how do you guys handle the money issues in your relationship?

11. Do you talk about money issues in the relationship?

12. How satisfied/happy are you with regards to the current money situation in your relationship? If you are not happy, how would you change it?

Again thank you so much for your participation this means a great deal for me and will definitely help with my research paper.

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