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Default Advice - Other parties involved?

My husband and I have had an open marriage for nearly one year, at first it was rough, but we have dealt with a number of issues and things are working well now. I have casually dated a couple of men, but I have run into a conundrum with a man I recently met. I suspect I know what the advice will be, but am just hoping for an opinion from someone who may have dealt with similar.

I recently met this man and he told me he was divorced. We hit it off immediately and I am very attracted to him. I saw him again and while he was talking to a friend I heard him mention his "lady." I asked if he has a girlfriend and he replied that there are a couple of women he "hangs out with." I tried another approach and asked if any of these women had the expectation of monogamy with him, because if so I would not feel comfortable continuing. He assured me that I need not worry and all was fine (cause after all, I am the one that is married, not him). So, I'm wondering, am I being over the top for feeling uncomfortable if he has a girlfriend (FTR, I would be fine if he had a number of casual girlfriends, but anyone steady...concerns me)? If this is a legitimate concern should I call it off just in case? Thanks for any advice.
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