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Default Hello.

I am a thirty year old single father of twins who is looking into polyamory for the first time. I have had three multiple years monogamous relationships in the past, but something just didn't feel right. I have been instructed not to go into too much depth here, but some personal traumas early on in my life have created in me what I think is the inability to truly give myself over to another person. I can function normally within the relationship, but I can quickly turn my back when things get difficult. Not because I am callous, far from it, but rather because I never allow myself to get that close in the first place. I constantly feel inferior, nervous, sexually inadequate and what not. Recently I have been addressing these issues with meds and such and have made a pretty good turn around in all aspects of my life except the sexual realm. I want to be with someone, but I don't think I can truly be myself if there are inadequacy issues on my end, and what I think might take care of that is to eliminate them all together and allow my mate to have other relationships.
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