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Default Getting to the end of the noose

I'm not sure where else to go for advice. I feel horribly confused and really hurt.

The story:
My boyfriend and I decided a few months ago to try out poly relationships, because he know's I'm much more attracted to the ladies then to men. Well things didn't really work out well in the two cases of me dating women I've had so far. And now he's exploring HIS sexuality, okay that's cool, you can experiment. I encouraged it, but thought nothing of it. Thought it's just a weird phase (I still do). Well, he started seeing this guy recently and I was sort of okay with it, except when he's over stepped the boundaries we'd both agreed upon. Then after this incident, he actually got together with him. I'm a little jealous, yes, however I don't even know who this guy he's with really is. And that's something I really want in a relationship that's poly, otherwise it can lead to "mommy-daddy" games, or lies and he said she said nonsense.

He basically told me that he's spending a week with his new boyfriend for a week, without consulting me. I'm currently moving in/trying to get a new job/having major stress, and he know's I'm trying to work with him about this. He knows this is hard for me. I'm still willing to let him stay over there for a few days, but right now I need him. I am his main relationship, should this make a difference as to where he can stay and when, since he's with another person?
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