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A lot of times I get the "he's just not that into you" feeling and worry that I'm just something to fill up free time if and when Marty has some. I know that's not necessarily fair of me, and I've created it in my mind. I own it, I'm working on it. But it sure doesn't hurt when I vanish off the grid for a day and come back to messages asking if I'm okay and expressing worry over not seeing me online all day, or hearing that I was missed when I had to leave an event early. Little things like that remind me that I'm more than a convenient way to kill time when others are busy and that I do matter in his life. Yay.

Bit by bit I'm getting better at this self confidence thing. I am getting better at not taking things so personally, and I am getting better at finding confidence within myself, rather than expecting constant reminders from those in my life (though when they happen, they sure don't hurt). This is all positive growth.
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