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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Now that I have heard more about your relationship dynamic it is clear to me that my initial thoughts were not based an accurate assumptions and I apologize for that.

My immediate assumptions based on your original post? You went on line (probably Facebook lol) reconnected with an old flame, started an online affair, needed to justify it or find a way to work it into your life and found poly because it suited your needs.

I had no idea that your relationship invovled very close "friendships" on both your parts. I would not have responded the way I did in light of that info. Sorry for letting my mind run free

Because I am not familiar with this type of dynamic I don't think I know how to give advice in this. RP and friends have a much more worldly view and experience base to draw on.

Peace and Love

No problem

I did think perhaps you'd assumed a friends reunited scenario or somesuch. I'm as cynical as you are about such things

Actually, I've found your input very helpful, thank you.
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