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Originally Posted by christinaballenstrausse View Post
I can't imagine his relief to find these writings and be able to believe that he is not a terrible person for what he's done because its natural to want to experience more.
He's not a terrible person for having these feelings, however cheating is a horrible betrayal of trust. While feelings can't be controlled, actions can and his actions were reprehensible. If I had to guess, I'll bet that this is NOT his first affair. Be careful and stay alert, it's hard for people that are used to cheating to switch gears and be open and honest. The secrecy becomes a habit that can be hard for some to break. When my husband starts slipping back into secrecy mode, I have to double my effort to ask direct questions. When I ask enough annoying questions he realizes that he hasn't been offering the needed information and things start to improve.
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