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Our Fifth Threesome

This morning I wake up hearing quiet gasps and moans. He is loving my wife up with his hands while kissing her lips, and she is giving herself to him at first light. Apparently he had been ready to leave. He hadn’t been able to sleep, and he wanted to slip out and let us sleep in. But she kept him from going. Probably kissed him and cuddled him and stroked his cock coquettishly. There’s no way in hell I could pull myself away from her beautiful warm naked body pressing itself to me while murmuring that she didn’t want me to leave. Here reach your hand between my legs and give me a few orgasms while i shudder and quake in your arms.


So I awake slowly, aware of the ever so slight rocking and wobbling motions of the bed, and I start to hear them caressing each other. My cock hardens and I feel it hot against my belly. I roll over so I can look at them. Then she reaches over and touches my face, and i snuggle in behind her, kissing her shoulder. I’m still half asleep.

He makes her come a couple more times while i lay there beside them. My head and her head are both resting on his arm. I reach over and hug them both while they stroke each other. She comes again in a flooding sine wave of pleasure and motion. she says she wants him inside her. I love that she can say what she wants. It’s so hot.

I roll over and dig out our last remaining condom from my stash from before we met six years ago. This one is yellow and has a smiley face printed on the clear plastic wrapper. A lollipop stick is glued to it to make it look like suckable candy. It’s hilarious. I play servant boy and grab the lube too. I unwrap the condom and hand it to him. He seems to be holding his breath again–hard to read, but puts the condom on his cock and lubes up.

She rolls over to face me and offers her sweet ass to him to take her from behind. I love this. We haven’t done this before. Now I get to kiss my baby while she gets it in the pussy from behind–while we are all laying on our sides–all hot and sleepy in the morning light. They laugh together repeatedly. Apparently he’s gone soft and can’t keep it in.

such is life in a new threesome. He and I have trouble keeping a raging erection around each other. It just happens that way. It’s funny, and we keep things light and laugh about it. It’s good to not take ourselves too seriously.

She rolls on her back and opens her creamy thighs to offer her pussy and belly to him. He slides between her legs and puts himself inside her. Or rather, he tries to, but they collapse in laughter as he is too soft to enter. Smiling and reaching around with her hand, she jacks him off against her clit and pussy. that makes him hard enough to get in, and they they start grinding away. I get up and look around to see his cock diving into her pussy from behind them. She’s bleeding hard again. Not what i expected to see! I was ready to masturbate to the sight, but instead I look away quickly, not disgusted, but not wanting to watch either. I get a towel for them from the bathroom without disturbing their beautiful dance. I put the towel underneath their juicy tidbits to keep the bed from becoming a bloody mess.

He gets one of her legs up over his shoulder. I love that position. You can dive so deep into her and it just feels SOOOO good. It’s utter bliss. He rides deep and strong like that for a while and then puts her leg up and over onto his other shoulder. now he’s got her half backwards and rides her with the tempo of a race horse. She doesn’t want to go full doggy. Her cervix still hurts from lat night’s doggy pounding.

i offer up my swollen cock to her beautiful mouth. Laying back on those red satin sheets getting throttled by our own private thoroughbred, her mouth is hungry to be filled, and I oblige. I lean over her and she sucks me in. She’s becoming such a sex goddess. She giving in to her desire and seeing how far it can go. It makes her radiant.

She bobs her head up and down on my engorged cock while he drives away home into her wet pussy, and we all merge like that into one fluid pulsing mass of joy and blood. Moans escape all of our lips. I think I’m going to come, but then she stops to let a tsunami of pleasure flow over her and take her thoughts away in its wake. She is coming again on his dutiful capable cock.

He sits back on his knees and feet and she pulls her self up to fuck him from on top. First she straddles and grinds. He starts to smile. finally an indication of enjoyment!!! She lifts one knee up and puts her foot on the bed and then the other. Now she is squatting on his cock plunging deep and hard against him. She pounds him like no tomorrow. I sit behind her so she can lean back on me and not have to hold herself up. It’s funny to be her support and have her heaving on my back. we all laugh. Eventually she collapses next to me in giggles and fits of pleasure and laughter. Riding him like that just blew her head off. I love this woman to bits! The is the most fun and delightful lover in the world! there is no woman more beautiful to me than her. I love when she smiles in ecstasy like that.

We all collapse with her and cuddle her in between us as usual. He and I don’t touch much, but a bit here and there. It’s not like we are terrified of touching each other, its just that we are both focusing on her so much, and we’re not really gay anyway. We’re just comfortable enough to be naked and having sex at the same time with this amazing woman, but we don’t kiss each other. We don’t lick each others nipples or grab each others asses. The occasional hand on the arm or shoulder for a hug or squeeze or maybe a hand holding for a few moments when she is going down on one of us while fucking the other. It’s nice. I like it.we look into each others eyes sometimes and connect about everything.

He goes out for a cigarette, and she starts falling asleep again. I spoon her from behind and kiss her neck and shoulder. whispers of I Love You travel from my lips to her soft ear. My fingers find their way to her pussy and test it. It is deliciously wet and slick. I slide the tip of my cock in and slowly luxuriate in moving it in and out of her majestic womanhood while cuddling her back against my chest–her ass against my pelvis. I slowly go deeper and deeper. She gives herself to me just letting me have my way with her while she relaxes with closed eyes. I stop occasionally and just cuddle with her. We fantasize about coffee. We decide to get up and greet the day.

I get up and put some clothes on and go outside where he is in the cockpit to adjust the solar panels. Gotta aim them to catch the early morning sun glaring off the calm water.

She slips on a dress over her buoyant breasts and arrowhead nipples. We make our coffee and sit out in the glory of the new day. I put the sun canopy over us to keep us in the shade. We talk and joke and philosophize.

Last week she asked him out on a date. Today and tomorrow she has off from work…two precious days of personal time amid the rat race insanity. She recommends that they go out today, and she says that she wants me to come along. Lunch or dinner is the plan. But she asked him on the date, not both of us. I say that I am not comfortable going because she invited him alone. If I were him, I’d be looking forward to that alone time with her and would feel bummed if then she suddenly invited someone else along! So they make plans to go in an hour or two, and he goes back to his yacht for a while leaving us alone.

I kiss my wife slowly in the cockpit. Slowly. So slowly that she shudders. I know how to touch her just right, and we kiss like gods and goddesses. We both feel the urge immediately ignited in our tired genitals and dive below while our clothes honor gravity and find the floor. She jumps in bed and opens her legs to me. We kiss some more. Caresses have never been so sweet as in these moments of complete trust and magnetism. I swim into her pool and wash my soul in her waters. We merge into honeywineheartblood and forget that we normally inhabit two separate bodies. We are one soul right now…one mind…one heart. The pulse quickens. The blood rises. She arches her back and thrusts her clit down on my diving cock. I give my lifejuice to her belly as echoes of long forgotten prayers bathe us. One last orgasm for her is needed before we collapse in surrender to the body’s need for rest and stillness. I rub my cock against her clit, jacking off on her pussy until she writhes like a wild serpent in front of me. light beams from her pores, and the room illuminates with her radiance. Her toes curl an she dies the dazzling little death on my manhood.

In each others arms laughing with joy and amazement, we talk lightly about how profoundly we love each other. She tells me of how she always grew up thinking that there was only so much love to go around, and if you loved a 2nd person, it took love away from your primary partner. She tells me how she conceptually understood that that was wrong, but now she understand it with her soul and with her heart. Loving this man and sharing our bed with him has amplified our love for each other, deepened our trust and connection, and revived a passion for each other that we knew when we first met six years ago. It is a thing of beauty, and we both thank our grace for these blessings. To hell with letting relationships get stale and wither!
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