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What fun! I'm going to do this and then go off on holiday.

1) For me, it's about having multiple emotionally close, committed relationships with other individuals.

2) Late 30s, generally happy, very independent, a bit of an internet addict. I don't ID as poly.

3) I have I think just now 4 in my life that I would describe as partners.

I have C1 - we have a committed, non-sexual loving relationship. C1 and I have been together for 10 years and thinking about my life without him scares me. He has changed and shaped me as a person. Being with him has helped me grow and learn in ways I couldn't have imagined without him being in my life. C1 and I live together.

I have C2 - also live with him in a committed non-sexual loving relationship. Less intense and more fun than the relationship I have with C1. C2 and I share early morning joy. He makes me smile lots.

I have E - we have been close for over 20 years. It's a non-sexual loving relationship. E is vital to my well-being. She knows everything about me and still loves me. I turn to her for help any time there is a problem and she's always there. She's also fun and I adore spending time with her.

E and I have different lives now, don't spend so much time together but we still love each other and make the effort to see each other when we can. E has never met C1 or C2 and E and I do all of our socialising away from my home.

E and I were not close for a few years. My very monogamous ex was threatened by the friendship, frequently rude to E and in the end, it became easier not to see much of her. It was some time after my ex and I split that we became close again.

I have G. He and I have a loving, sexual relationship which has been going on for about 18 months. It's moved beyond friendship and is now something that I would be deeply hurt to lose. G spends lots of time with C1 and C2 and they adore him. He also spends lots of time in my home. G and E are also friendly - they've known each other for years but their lifestyles differ to an extent that means they don't often see each other. G and I are sometimes limited in the time we can spend together because of C1 and C2's importance in my life and he's very supportive of that.

4) No. I think I'd have to be in a relationship before I could tell what sort of configuration might be okay for that relationship.

5) Yes. I'm clear and open with people about how I see love, sex and romance.

6) No. It depends on the people involved.

7) I think for me, it's being free to have more than one love. And to talk about them in those terms. Worst thing by far is the lack of freedom. The more loves, the less freedom I feel I have. Taking into account the needs of my loves means less ability to just do whatever I want.

8) I can see myself happily only being sexual with one person (I am at the moment - although that may change in the future). But I couldn't ever see myself being happy only being able to have one love.

9) No. I reckon it's up to people to decide what to do themselves not for me to go around recommending my views to them. I won't have children so no real need to consider them.

Thanks for this. Interesting and helped me clarify some of my thoughts about it all.

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