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Nice to meet you! I'm new to this community as well, though have been poly with my fiance for almost five years, and been in and out of poly relationships for a good while before that. It often is difficult to find a partner that will get along with and want to be with both parts of a couple, and even then new relationships usually don't grow at the same rate so jealousy can be hard to contain. It honestly takes a lot of work sometimes, but if you are willing to work through feelings of jealousy then it can be extremely wonderful and rewarding. Another good bit of advice is to not limit yourself to a female partner that would want to be with both of you. If you just set out looking for love and are open and honest with eachother about everything, that often has better results. Plus you may stumble on that third person in the long run, but possibly have other fulfilling relationships first. That said, I'm rambling, so lovely to meet you and good luck!
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