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Hello, My name is Matthew, I'm posting on here with my fiancee Linh, we are both students at the time being. We have had difficulties in the past, mostly with me wanting more, and Linh being curious, and we were involved in a three way relationship for a short time with another woman. It went very well until she got jealous and wanted me to choose between the two of them... I don't like being put into corners, and Linh has had my back through thick and thin, even through finding that this is who I am, and it is not going to change. I'm not sure if it is more or less difficult for us to find a girlfriend to share, and be with, being in Louisiana, or New Orleans specifically. Finding a threesome is pretty easy, but one night stands are pretty shallow, and STDs run pretty rampant in this city. It just seems difficult to find someone who won't run away after seeming very interested. I know I'm diving in too deep for an introduction, so I'll just say I'm Matt, and I'm posting for myself and Linh, though I've encouraged her to open her own account to explore her own curiosities that she may not feel comfortable, or I may not have the wording or gear to answer.
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