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Originally Posted by broncolover11 View Post
I asked that she move in with us...
Now, tell me, seriously -- step back and look at this objectively. Who in their right mind would invite someone they've only been seeing for a month, or not much more than that, to move in with them? Anyone you know ever done that? Have you read any stories here of a situation like that working out? Does it really and truly make sense to you to live with someone you hardly know? And expose her to your children? And while you are having issues of jealousy and not wanting to share your husband, now you are going to share your home?

Come on, now, some common sense goes a long way! It sounds like you are a little bit asleep. You don't really know someone after a month, especially if it's just been sex and dates, and you want her living with you and your children much too soon! Wait at least a year, then you will have had a full year of holidays, birthdays, and significant family events to go through together and see if she's compatible as someone you can live with.

Originally Posted by broncolover11 View Post
...there is a huge distance between us which was causing some major issues for her as she would be lonely and get depressed.
Do you really think her living with you will be a cure? Her loneliness and depression are not your responsibility. Now you will just have a depressed person in your home environment. Let her take care of her own emotional well-being by seeing a professional or doing what she needs to manage her own life. You and hubs need to make sure your relationship has a strong and healthy foundation, and then look to meet people who also have an emotionally and psychologically healthy foundation within themselves.

You are only inviting problems into your home, it seems to me.
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