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Default Good evening/nos da

Hello from South Wales. I am a new non-lurker, taking a quick bracing plunge to say hello and mangle some metaphors...

Don't particular see myself as poly, but am one of those strange "friends with benefits" creatures which suits where I am at the moment.I have a couple of sgnificant others. One is a loving, non-sexual connection with a man with ties elsewhere. Other is a man in open relationship who I see on a "FwB" footing when his and my scedules allow.

I am interested in meeting available other(s) for affectionate and sexual relationship that is something more than casual, but less than "full-on". According to an OKCupid test I rated as "Heavenly perfection" on their Polyamory test - whatever that means!
I thought I'd find out a bit more, so here I am...
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