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You maybe the perfect candidate for a secondary poly relationship.... you have your job/career, happy living alone pop in every few month for some face time and a conjugal visit could work out nicely ....however not as someones primary relationship. Or with someone who need live in arrangement. He on the other sounds like he wants and need a more traditional live in partnership that may involve sacrifice and compromise from both parties regardless of gender. A partnership among equals.

So what do you really want? If you like the current job and LDR you might have to learn the coping skills at being something of a secondary or tertiary partner. Adjust your expectations with the circumstances you've built.

I think if the next 3 month break is coming up that the 2 of you need to talk to a counselor to get some honest answers on what each of you see's as a ideal future and the compromises involved for each of you to be happy.
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