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Dear Dingedheart, I think I did make a mistake about taking up a job so far away. And, yes, intimacies also include all that you mentioned...and, it is not about sex alone. But, as a woman, I was the type who would feel threatened if I was asked to make "sacrifices" in relationships. And, here was a man who was a little upset, but, who was actually not "asking" me to do that. I thought I found the perfect match when he "allowed" me to go. But, increasingly, he understood that I was not taking any effort to come back. And, he must have got upset or got adjusted to the idea that I will not be there with him, living together with him etc. and started to adjust to the situation by forming a romantic relationship. One of the first things he demanded during this crisis is that i return and be with him. I understand that I was insensitive to his feelings there.
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